Students can meet me in my office at ISTI-CNR by arraning an appoinment (even with a short notice, contact me just to check that I'm in the office).
Send an email to andrea.esuli@isti.cnr.it or call me at +39 050 621 2890.

Thesis opportunities

My research group mainly works on topics in applied machine learning, with text as the main data type.
For example, these are some of the topics we are currently working on:

  • Neural language models
  • Cross-domain and cross-language text classification
  • Neural network based cross-media retrieval (e.g., image to text and vice versa)
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Supervised term weighting
  • Online learning

If you are willing to work on these or related topics, contact me to know current thesis opportunities.

Text Analytics - 635AA

This course is part of the Master programme in Data Science and Business Informatics.

Master on Big Data Analytics & Social Mining

The course material of my module is on the Moodle website: